The Trigger Guard 3 Gun match is designed for the entry level shooter.  It has simple stages that can be shot with stock over the counter equipment. The intent is to create a match that is fun to shoot for everyone. Safety procedures will always be foremost even though the match rules and stage procedures are kept as simple as possible. 

‚ÄčThere will typically be five stages with a range officer at each stage and squads will be open so each shooter can, on their own, go to the stage of their choice. Stages will not be high round count. Typical stage round count will be approx.  10-15 rounds per weapon.  All 3 firearms will be used in each stage.  Some stages may have a limit on number of rounds that can be loaded and reloading may be required. 

‚ÄčFor complete rules and Information click the link below

TG3G rules

Our first match will be on Sunday August 27th at 10am

Please pre register if you plan to attend

TG 3Gun