The Steel Challenge Shooting Association (SCSA) Match is made up of eight different stages:

Accelerator                  Five To Go                   Outer Limits                      Pendulum

Roundabout               Showdown               Smoke and Hope                Speed Option

The Trigger Guard Steel Challenge will be held on the second Saturday of each month starting at 10:00 am and consist of either five or six stages chosen from the S.C.S.A. stages listed above. The object is to shoot the stages as fast as possible. The person with the fastest, overall time, wins the match and bragging rights until the next match!
Scores will be posted below after each competition. 


Steel Challenge scoring is simple: your time is your score!
Each stage consists of five targets, commonly referred to as plates.   Four are standard plates, and the fifth is designated as the stop plate (stop plates will have red target stands). Each of the standard targets must be hit at least once before hitting the stop plate, and the time stops when the stop plate is hit. Competitors may fire as many rounds as they deem necessary for each string of fire. The worst string on each stage will be thrown out, and the total of the remaining times will be competitor’s score for that stage.  The total of a competitor’s stage scores will be his score for the match. Total score for all stages will determine the order of finish for final standings.

HERE for complete Steel Challenge rules and procedures