Trigger Guard Shooting range is open to the public.

Our range has 6 separate shooting bays.  Bays 1 and 2 have a covered 25 yard shooting line and shooting benches.

Bays 3, 4 & 5 are 20 yards deep with covered shooting lines and are separated by side berms for shooter safety.  All of the backstops are able to handle pistol and rifle shooting.

Bay 6 is the largest ,it also has a shooting cover and has a range up to 50 yards

We also have a 145 yard rifle range

There is a wide selection of steel targets available to shoot, such as static steel targets, cowboy action targets, pepper poppers, a dueling tree, plate rack and a duel spinner.  Steel targets are handgun rated only.  We have paper targets available or you can bring your own.

We offer shooting competitions such as our monthly “Steel Challenge”, GSSF Style Practice match,

and Trap Shoots.

We also offer Center Fire and .22 Rim Fire pistol leagues,

  “Trigger Guard Top Gun Classic” is held each year in the fall.

Our annual outdoor Glock (GSSF) match held the third weekend of July

Range Hours:  Saturday and Sundays  9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesdays and Thursdays  1pm to 5pm

Whenever the "feels like" temperature is 25 degrees or less

the range will not be open. 

Range Fees:   Non Members  $10.00 an hour per person, or $15.00 for two hours
Single Membership  $150.00 per year
Family Membership  $200.00 per year, includes member,
spouse and two children living at the residence.
Members would have unlimited access during open hours
and reduced entry fees for Trigger Guard shooting events.

State sales tax is added to all fees

MembershipFees will be going up on March 15th

so now is the time to buy your membership

and get locked in at the current lower rate 

Location:    313 N. Meridian, Wellington Kansas
(1/8 mile north of 30th Ave on Meridian)
Look for sign

GPS Coordinates:  N 37 Degrees, 18.396′ / W 097 Degrees, 22.031′e your paragraph here.

The Range will be OPEN Saturday but we will not be having the GSSF Practice Match

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